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Stretching Exercises


Stretching is an important component of your fitness program. Stretching benefits your body by reducing the tearing of muscle tissue; increasing the power of the movement inherent in the activity; promoting muscle relaxation; and by increasing metabolism in muscles, joints, and associated connective tissue. Stretching should always be done after warming up the muscles via cardiovascular exercise. The stretches you perform at the beginning of the workout are basically just to limber your muscles for exercise and may be held for 8-15 seconds.

Their effectiveness in preventing injury has not been scientifically proven. More important are the stretches at the end of the workout. When performing these stretches resistance should be gradually developed to a point slightly beyond comfort and then held 20-30 seconds before a slow release. To further develop flexibility, one should stretch and hold, but before easing off the tension, he/she should stretch a bit further and hold for a subsequent 15-30 seconds. In conclusion, please remember the following flexibility principles:

  1. Choose several stretches to allow flexibility of all major muscle groups.
  2. Gradually increase the force of your stretch until slightly beyond the comfort point.
  3. Hold your stretch 15-30 seconds, ease off, and then repeat.
  4. Avoid bouncing or stretching quickly.
  5. Stretch only after the muscles have been warmed up via cardiovascular exercise.
  6. Be sure to stretch after your workout.

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Stretching Exercises
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