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Corporate Fitness Program

Facility Design and Implementation : Pro-Active Fitness can provide advice on mapping out the facility such that the equipment will maximize both conservation of space and improved traffic flow within the center. Assistance on purchasing the equipment at significantly reduced rates along with our expertise on determining which pieces of equipment your employees would most desire are two more reasons we believe we can make your facility an enjoyable and cost effective environment for your employees.

Fitness Orientation & Evaluation: A major objective of our staff is ensuring safe and effective exercise programs for your employees. To accomplish this, each employee that utilizes the facility will complete a  health history questionnaire, perform a fitness test, establish goals for their fitness program and have an orientation meeting to familiarize them with the equipment in the center. The value of this service is inherent in the individual attention your employees will receive from the Pro-Active Fitness staff ( PAF staff). Each of your employees have different needs and beliefs about exercise. The PAF staff would like to establish a user friendly environment to the fitness center, address their needs, and make exercise a non-intimidating, invigorating part of their day.

Sports Specific Training: For employees that have sports specific goals the PAF staff will design a sports specific training program that will enhance their performance whether it is on the links or the foot hills of Mount Washington. Our staff has a vast amount of experience in performance enhancement training that will assist your employees in meeting the sports related competitive goals that they have outside of the office.

Biomechanical Assessment: This is a great service that gives participants the tools needed to start exercising with a plan in place that addresses there weaknesses and potential injuries. The biomechanical assessment will insure that there goals can be achieved in a safe and injury free manor.

Fitness Testing:  The fitness test is an essential part of  the exercise program. Initially we will establish a fitness baseline through measurement of  the employees'' resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, circumference measurements, aerobic endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. The aerobic endurance and muscular strength portions of the analysis will be specific to the employee. For example the employee who runs often would benefit from a treadmill test while the golf or general fitness enthusiast would benefit from a sub-maximal bike test.

After performing their respective exercise routines for a period of  2-3 months the PAF staff will be available to perform a reassessment. This will give your employees objective feedback on their fitness program and help them establish new goals or recommit themselves to achieving their prior goals.

Orientation and Monitoring: The PAF staff will be available to your employees for three individual or buddy consultation sessions to acclimate them to the fitness equipment and help them understand what exercise should feel like .A PAF staff member will be available on an informal basis to answer questions, assist in performing an exercise and offer advice on techniques for specific exercises.

Personal Training: For those employees that desire to have ongoing individual or buddy training sessions with a PAF staff member. The motivation and optimal exercise programming offered by our staff can further enhance the employees ability to achieve their goals.   This service is an added cost that is paid directly by the employee or with a company subsidy.

Aerobics Programming: When the aerobics room is completed we will provide a dynamic group of classes and instructors to challenge your employees. Examples of the types of classes that could be offered would be Zumba,  Aerobic Kick Boxing Classes,  Step Classes, Muscle Conditioning, Spinning, Hi-Lo and The Sports Challenge. Classes will be taught to accommodate all levels of participants.

Post Rehabilitation Training: The PAF staff will design fitness programs that will facilitate a safe return to exercise after an injury or rehabilitation program. The unique ability of our staff to handle injuries that occur to the weekend warrior, everyday or novice exerciser and the competitive athlete is developed on a regular basis through a consistent continuing education program. PAF takes great pride in its ability to develop programs that will help your employees return from injury to work and recreation quicker.

Incentive Programming: These programs will give Oracles' employees a fitness challenge periodically during the year which will further improve awareness of  their fitness and health. Examples of  these programs are a weight maintenance program during the holidays and the "Hooked on Endorphins" program during the summer.

Wellness Programming:

Survey: The purpose of  the survey is to find out which topics employees would most like to learn about during the year.  This will not only improve our understanding of your employees needs but also give us the chance to raise our awareness of the fitness center and wellness programming that is offered.

Lecture Series & Wellness Programming: Guest speakers and PAF employees will present 4 lectures and programs throughout the year on various topics such as men's and women's health issues, proper nutrition, CPR certification, weight loss, marathon training, ergonomics, smoking cessation and lifestyle coaching.  The lectures and programs will be interactive and inform employees thoroughly about the topics.


Screenings: Three times throughout the year health screenings consisting of blood pressure, cholesterol, body composition and bio-mechanical evaluation will be administered.

Ergonomics: Upon request PAF will consult and facilitate optimal posture in the workplace during the following activities: sitting, standing and lifting.

Health Fair: On a yearly basis PAF will facilitate a comprehensive environment for people to experience different services provided at their fitness/wellness facility and in the community.

Additional Services: A dditional services that can be provided by PAF are Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy.

PAF Administrative Programs:

Retention: PAF will determine employees at high risk for not following through with an exercise program and schedule follow up visits and phone calls with these employees to enhance compliance with their exercise program.

Tracking:  An identification number will be issued to each employee to enhance our ability to track employees' usage of the facility.   Thereby, PAF can provide usage information to management and PAF may use this information to increase participation.

Our Colleagues

Pro-Active Fitness is determined to supply a quality product to you. The staff at your facility will include Licensed Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists and Certified Personal Trainers.

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