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Nutritional Analysis

Nutrition modification alone is 90% of the reason why you will achieve your health and wellness goals.

ProActive Fitness® Inc considers nutrition to be one of the key ingredients in leading a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important roles that our personal training specialists perform is an ongoing discussion about healthy eating habits. The information that ProActive Fitness® Inc uses in giving advice about nutritional issues is widely known throughout the general population and is considered common knowledge. This gives us the ability to have you fill out a food diary, look at your goals and give you general advice on changes that you can make that will move you along the path of realizing your goals. For issues that are beyond the purview of what is stated in the aforementioned paragraphs we can have you consult with the great Registered Dieticians that we have affiliations with.

The topic of nutrition is an ongoing conversation that we have with you during each session and if deemed beneficial we will have you do a daily log of your food (fuel) intake so we can review trends in your eating habits.

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