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Leg Exercises - Barbell Bent Knee Stiff Legged Dead Lift
Primary Muscles: Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus
Secondary Muscles: Erector Spinae, Core Stability Musculature
  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and your shins touching the bar. Bend your hips and knees keeping your back flat. Grasp the bar with an underhand/overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. Press through your heels and lift the bar up keeping your arms relaxed. Maintain a flat back.
  3. Bend knees slightly, stick buttocks out, and keep your back flat.
  4. Bending from your hip joint only, slowly lower the barbell as low as you can, keeping the back flat.
  5. Slowly push through your heels and your hips into your starting position.

Helpful Hints:
Your hamstring flexibility determines how low you can bring the bar. Do not compromise your back to lower the bar further. You should feel only a slight stretch in the hamstring. If you have not done this exercise before, be conservative with the weight you choose. This exercise may seem easy but it can cause significant soreness.

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Leg Exercises
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