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Tips & Information - Injury Center
Injuries unfortunately can occur during exercise and the most common way people get injured is by doing too much to fast to soon. Even though it is exciting to begin a new fitness program Pro-Active Fitness recommends easing into your routine and allowing your body to recover after a workout.

Be Pro-Active and use these tips to stay injury free

  • Use light weights during the initial phases of your weight-training program to assure that you have correct form before adding weights.
  • Warm up for 6-10 minutes by doing a cardiovascular exercise. You should already be sweating before you start your weight training.
  • Bring your weights up 10% at a time.
  • Stretch at the end of your workout.
  • Take days off to avoid overtraining.
  • Use proper footwear for the biomechanics of your foot. See the footwear recommendation portion of the program. Replace your sneakers every three months if you use them frequently and every 6 months if you use them 1-2 times a week.
  • If something hurts, stop the exercise. Do not work through it.
  • Know the difference between good and bad pain. Good pain is muscle fatigue and bad pain is a sharp shooting pain. Do not work through the bad pain If you are confused about the pain just stop the exercise.
  • If you workout in the early morning eat a piece of fruit or toast before your workout. Avoid drinking juice because the sugar content can eventually make you lightheaded.
  • If you feel light headed or dizzy stop the exercise, sit down, and let someone know that you are feeling this way

If you are injured contact your health care provider immediately for their advice. If the injury is perceived to be serious enough to warrant immediate medical attention contact your emergency medical service As Soon As Possible. Usually dial 911.

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