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Tips & Information - Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment

Clothing : Your workout attire should be comfortable, lightweight and non-constricting.

Footwear: Footwear Recommendations for Running Sneakers

Flat Footed: Purchase a running sneaker that has maximum stability and maximum control with a straight last. The sneaker should have Duo Density EVA through the mid foot.

Neutral Foot : Purchase a running sneaker that has moderate stability and moderate control. with a semi curved last.  The sneaker should have Duo Density EVA through the mid foot.

High Arched Foot : Purchase a running sneaker that has maximum cushioning with minimum control with a semi curved last. The sneaker should have no Duo Density EVA

Go to a reputable sports store and talk to the manager of the sneaker department or someone that understands the terminology used above before making your purchase.

If you are playing a sport that requires lateral motion such as basketball or tennis use a sneaker specifically designed for that sport or one that has significant lateral stability.

It is recommended not to wear open toe shoes when weight lifting do to the possibility of severe injury to your feet.

Gloves : Weightlifting gloves are typically used for comfort purposes and to prevent callous buildup on the palms. Utilizing gloves is strictly a matter of preference.

Knee Wraps, Wrist Wraps and Weight Belts : Save your money. These items are not recommended or needed to effectively weight train. . In fact, when you use wraps or weight belts, you are essentially weakening your associated joints.  The resistance used during training should be commensurate with what your muscles; joints, bones, ligaments and tendons can handle.  Think of it this way.  You are not using weight belts or wraps in everyday life or when you compete.  Therefore, when you stress the joints without the wraps, they have an increased chance of injury because they are now weaker than their associated muscles.

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Tips & Info
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