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Ball With Weights - Biceps Curl
Primary Muscles: Biceps Brachii
Secondary Muscles: Brachioradialis, Brachialis.
  1. Sit on top of ball. Lie back as you walk your feet out until your shoulder blades are on the ball. Tuck your chin to keep your neck in good posture. Make sure your knees are directly over your ankles.
  2. Hold the dumbbells with palms facing up and hands resting at shoulder width.
  3. Bring the dumbbells out up and in towards your shoulders on an arc, while keeping your elbows and shoulders from swinging.
  4. Slowly lower the weight until your just about to lose tension in the biceps and then bring the weight back up again.

Helpful Hints:
Avoid swinging your hips with this exercise to gain momentum do to the increased risk of back injury.Use resistance that allows proper form. Also, keep your wrists straight.

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Ball w/ Weights
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